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So here I am, licensed up and ready to work. However, as I get calls, I'm getting super low-balled in salary with each interview. For instance, in Iowa, the average salary is around 50k per year.... Read More

  1. by   Morainey
    Is it $35,000/year for 40 hours per week? It sounds about right for a new grad working in a hospital 3 or 4 8-hour days/eves/nocs per week. It depends on what you're applying to which the OP didn't mention.
  2. by   Meriwhen
    Keep in mind that you have no RN experience, so you will not be making the "average" RN salary. As a new grad, you are on one of the lower rungs of the pay scale, so you need to keep that in mind when looking at salaries for a given region and adjust your expectations accordingly.

    Or you could wait for the "average" salary and risk waiting for a very long time--it's not as though there's a nursing shortage right now. There are a lot of other new grads who will jump at $35k...and facilities know it. Very few facilities would fight to entice you into signing on, when they can easily fill the spot for less. This is no slur upon you, OP: this is just the reality of today's job market.

    Best of luck whatever you decide.
  3. by   plinytheRN
    yep times are tough for a new grad. I graduated in December, work in Louisiana for $19.75/ hour (ok so $20.00 with BSN differential, a whole $0.25 for the degree!), 40 hour weeks... This is an average pay for the area, however I am from CA where pay is much higher mid 20's-40's, but could not find a job. It sucks, but I knew that going into this, I wanted experience and didn't want to wait around for a CA job. I made more money as a nurse intern in CA before I graduated! I do get $4.00 differential for weekends. (night and eves get diff too, but I am on days)