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Hello! I am a new grad and I just passed NCLEX last week. I currently work as a Medical Editor for pharma in NYC. I don't expect to have an easy time finding a nursing job in the city. The market here is pretty saturated,... Read More

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    Don't give up. I graduated in December. At 4 months out, only 50% of my cohort had jobs. Now, at 6 months, all but 2 people seem to have work. Some are full time in their dream job; others are piecing together part time or on-call to get experience. It will happen for you. I recommend really tailoring your cover letter to the job. I sent out 100s of apps too with nothing. When I focused and wrote good cover letters, I got an interview for all but one position that I applied for. Also, call recruiters, go to the units that you want to work on, and be persistent.