I cannot Find a Job

  1. Hey guys i'm loosing faith I got my LPN license in NY since June 09 and still can't find myself a job part-time or full time, on-call per diem nothing has striked my way. Everyone is asking for at least 1 yr experience. I am currently at Medgar Evers College Brooklyn NY working towards my RN but I want to use my LPN license to gain some sort of experience. Any suggestions please!!!!!
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  3. by   Ella26
    Have you tried hiring agencies, home care, I know some schools hire LPNs for school nurses. Im in MN and its hard here too. I actually found a job (LPN) at a Chem Hlth facility. Im on call. But I have another full time office job and school. I work about 4-5 days a month 12 hr shifts. It works for me now just to get experience while im trying to get in to RN bridge program. One of my cohorts suggested just pulling out the phone book and calling, asking places if they are hiring, and if they are fax/drive over resume. Ask to speak to hiring mamager/nrsg supervisor. Also for your resume make sure its tailored to the positions you are applying for, Im not saying bluffing or anything. But look at the description of what they are looking for and if you possess any of theo qualities really emphasize that. I hope that helps good luck.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Consider yourself to be a member of an exclusive club, Unemployed Nurses, and continue your efforts. But concentrate on your RN studies. You don't want to fall down in your studies and miss out on that goal. Good luck.