How much does a nurse make right out of school?

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    On average, how much will a nurse just out of school with a bsn make starting out in Pennsylvania? How difficult is it to find a job in PA?

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    Depends what part of PA you are in. In the eastern side of the state near Philly, new grads can start around $25/hr. However on the western side of the state near Pittsburgh, new grads start around $20/hr. Some parts of the state, especially urban areas that are swamped with nursing programs, are more difficult for new grads to get a job right away. Apply early, apply to a variety of jobs, and if you are dead set on a hospital position, don't be above moving out of state if necessary.
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    Great, thanks. I'm more toward te philadelphia area.
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    Check It was very accurate for my area.
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    start around $29/hr. in NE Ohio
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    That's weird, in NW Ohio, it's only $24
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    Friends of mine who recently were hired at two different major teaching hospitals in Philly (Einstein and HUP) are making $27 and some change as new grad RNs. I work across the bridge in Camden and started at $31/hr.

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