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    An someone please help me? I was recently offered $13 an hour FT as an LpN in a family medicine office. I live in South Carolina and thought that was really low even for a new grad. Is this normal?

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    Doctors' offices and clinics typically do not pay much money to nurses, especially in the Deep South. But in exchange for the low pay rate, you have evenings, nights, weekends and holidays off.
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    I may be mistaken but that rate may be because you are essentially doing the work of an MA. I might be wrong so don't quote me.
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    Ok thank you both
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    Seems low.....any way you can call a few offices outside of that immediate area and see if you can try to find out what they're paying their LPNs?
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    As a new grad, I made $10.02 an hour. I thought I was rich! That was in 1995! What I tell my kids (college graduates now) is that you dont start on the top- but you have to start somewhere! Good luck in your career! The journey truly is worth it!
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