Help New grad looking for a job

  1. Hello to all who read this thread. I love this website and hope my plea reach as much ears as possible.

    Background on me:

    My name is Leslie Ann Rodriguez. In May 2012, I graduated from the CUNY-Herbert H Lehman College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. I pursued excellence in nursing studies as demonstrated by my academic honors. To prepare me for employment as a new grad nurse, I completed the Montefiore Summer for Clinical Assistants (Student Nurse Intern). Currently, I live in Bronx New York so that you can get an idea of my difficulty.

    Personal view on job opportunities:

    Many articles state that there is a shortage of nurses and it will continue to grow in the upcoming years. Others say there is only a shortage in places OTHER than the cities. Even in nursing school and hospitals whispered constantly in my ear that there is a shortage and will always have a job somewhere. I am not sure which is personally correct when it comes to location other than NY (specifically the five boroughs) DO NOT hire new grad nurses (at least make it extremely difficult). Hospitals, even long term care facilities and visiting nurse service demand 1 to 2 years experience. ACLS certification is also becoming popular.

    Personal frustrations:

    I have done (and I keep a list) over 100+ applications online for an RN position (hospitals and others). It has come to a point where I even did research on working as an LPN with an RN license -->>> I decided it was too risky since I will be held to an RN scope of practice even with an LPN job description. When that idea failed, I resorted to walking my area for MD practices. While I knew medical assistants programs exploded this year, I had no idea on the effect it would have on me. 98% of the practices I went to do not hire nurses. They use only medical assistants. One facility employee took a jab at me by saying they only hire medical assistants because they do just as much work as nurses and at a cheaper cost.

    I tried doing everything I can possibly think of to get a job:

    -Online applications to everything I find
    -Speaking to professional contacts on job availability
    -Spoke to friends and family
    -Created online webpages
    -Used different venues of job searches (Ex. Monty, HHC, Craigslist, LinkedIn, VNS, RecruitANurse, and so forth)
    -Brain is so tired I can't think anymore....

    Please, all who read this thread, do you know any facility/hospital/anyone who will hire a hardworking new grad nurse?

    I appreciate all those who read this thread and any help I receive.
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  3. by   boricualuv4ever
    Unfortunately I do not have the financial means for relocation nor to pay for the endorsement to ND =[ I depend on the bus and train for transportation in ny. Thank you for your suggestion and I'll keep it in mind.
  4. by   FrancoRN
    Have you tried volunteering? That way you can network inside the facility.
  5. by   perioddrama
    No need to hammer it to you, but you know that metro areas tend to be harder hit.

    You've only been it a few months, chin up! There are really old new grads that have graduated over a year ago that are in your exact same boat. Volunteering may help.

    Someone recently posted that she got a job after two years, so there is hope.

    I do know North Dakota is hiring. Some hospitals may provide a relocation package. Broaden your search in your own state, and even widen it to other states.

    There have been a bunch of CA new grads that have made sacrifices and moved out of state and are now coming back with a year or two experience and able to pick their hospital. So, it can be done.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Meriwhen
    You are in a bad job market, and while you may find it difficult to locate for many reasons, it unfortunately may also be one of the few viable options.

    The other option is to look outside of NYC at the surrounding areas. As you've seen in your search, jobs in NYC are very hard to come by--there are too many others just like you that are trying to land work there. So while you can definitely keep trying to work in NYC, you really need to broaden your horizons and look at other areas.

    Try searching through the entire Tri-State area, including facilities that are NOT located in the major metropolitan areas. Upstate New York may also be an option: the fact that you live in the Bronx puts you close to Westchester, Dutchess and Orange counties, so you can also search there. Long Island may also offer some options, but keep in mind that it's also a tough market there. Still, you won't know if you try.
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  7. by   CrazierThanYou
    North Dakota is hiring? Wow, I would really love to move there but A. I don't think my husband is going to be keen on that. B. It's really freaking cold there in winter.

    Is there some kind of state-wide shortage there or something?
  8. by   boricualuv4ever
    Hi meriwen, I can't get to those places since I don't have a car. It takes me an hour just to get out of the end if throggs neck in the Bronx to the six train/Westchester square.
  9. by   Meriwhen
    Then I don't know what else I can suggest, other thank to keep looking and dig in your heels for a very long job hunt. You've only been hunting for four months, which isn't very long--from what I've seen on the forum, it's taking new grads 6-12 months or more to land something.

    To be honest, in this economy, no one is going to hand you a job because there's just too many of you (new grads) out there...and many of you (new grads) have also graduated with honors, did internships, have personal challenges, etc. so those cards alone are not job-clinchers either.

    Since you seem unable to leave the Bronx, leave no stone unturned in that area. Consider volunteering somewhere both for boosting the resume as well as networking. Work on getting certifications and CEUs as well. If you do see ANYTHING that you're qualified for, apply for it, even if it's nights, weekends, a speciality you don't like, low salary, etc...because right now you goal is to gain that first year's experience. You (new grads) can not afford to be too picky.

    And to honest again, your transportation woes make you an unattractive candidate compared to the other graduates in the area who don't have that problem. Consider that if you do land any job in, say, Manhattan or Queens, are you going to be able to get there? It doesn't seem like it from what you post--at least not easily. And if you mention your transport woes to them in the interview, it's safe to say that you'd pretty much shut your chances down. So you do need to consider tackling that problem even before you land a job.

    Does that mean I'm saying you should go and get a car/relocate/do something else that you can't really afford to? No, not necessarily.

    But you also need to be aware of the ramifications of staying put where you are. You've seen the job market in NYC and you know it isn't pretty, so if you want to stay put, you're going to have to deal with a very long and frustrating search.

    I've given you all the advice that I can. Best of luck to you and your job hunt.