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Hi yall, I'm hoping you experienced nurses out there can give me some advice... I graduated in May, and have been employed at a hospital for 3 weeks now, and on orientation. I was told that we are encouraged to take 4-8 weeks on... Read More

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    "Then I read the topic about people recognizing posters here, and decided I probably shouldn't have revealed where I work."

    "I suppose it would be illegal and stuff, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to post hospitals and units who are awful, and preceptors to avoid? I know, I know, not right, etc. But I can fantasize, can't I?

    Just think of how it would make people straighten up!

    Kind of like a web site called, where women post info on guys who are jerks.

    I would be the first to post info about my first hospital job:

    "ICU in large teaching hospital, had 15 different preceptors including agency, written up for med error I didn't do, full of prima donnas, given night schedule when hired for days, treated like dirt. DON"T WORK HERE, GIRL!"

    Just fantasizing"

    So true.

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    I have a new preceptor for my last several weeks of orientation. Even though I'm doing well, I feel insecure with the orientation/probation process. I feel like it will come down a "group vote" at the end of orientation. I feel like I have to make a plan B.

    Hopefully my new preceptor will help the situation, but I'm feeling very mistrustful right now.

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