Got my RN License in Dec 09; Still no Job

  1. Hi everyone, I am a new RN in Maryland. I passed my NCLEX in December 2009. Boy was that a great time. I had failed it twice before, told myself I will never take it again. Walked away for 4 years and then took it again. Anyhow I was so happy like this is the best day of my life, and it sure was one of them. It was a sure thing that I will land a job soon and everything will be ok. But as days passed by, I got no job. Everyone told me they are not hiring new grads. Since I dont have any experience, I am a new grad. I even went to many of the nurse recruiters and almost begged them, but no luck. I am very sad and broken hearted. If of you can help me in any ways please do so. I just wanna know that do I have to do to get my frist job. I have 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife. They all deserve better than this. Please help me.
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  3. by   NYRN09
    It's hard being a new grad...I graduated in May of 09....Only just in the last 2 weeks finally got a job...Keep looking and I might also suggest look and see if any summer camps are hiring camp nurses? This past summer I was the camp nurse at a camp I'd worked at the last few years as a counselor. I actually learned quite a bit with having campers come in, some with medications, a couple with rare disorders, etc...I loved it and am planning to be back this summer as my current job is per diem. Don't blame yourself, the economy is not what it used to be. Everyone tells me "Oh, there's a shortage of nurses, everyone is in demand"...Well depending on where you live, maybe, but in other places not so. I live in the poorest or second poorest county in NY state to begin with....

    Besides, it seems it's the health insurance companies "running" the hospitals and such now, not the medical staff
  4. by   AugustBoy
    Thanks for the encouragment. I did get a job, but it is a temperary job. The job is with Unival and its a job as a RN collecting data for HEDIS. I am looking for my second job. I am not discourage, but it does break your heart from time to time. I know I will get a job............eventually. Hopefully its soon.
  5. by   Eiano
    The only "for-sure-way" you won't find a job is by not applying.

    Go to hospital's websites everyDAY. Because you better believe that other grads are. Apply for positions where you can at least mention the fact that, "Yeah, I did my peds/ICU/neuro rotation in a unit similar to this" and try to get your clinical instructors recommendations from that rotation.

    Get everything together now, recs, transcripts, copies of licenses.... this way when they call for an interview you don't have to scramble, you can just tell them, "I have everything ready, when's the earliest I can come in for an interview?" It's the little things that matter!

    GL August boy, I'm rooting for you!!!
  6. by   MrsW1109
    What areas are you looking for? Hospital work only? Or certain shifts?

    As a parent and wife, I know how you must be feeling. It's very difficult when you feel like you can't provide for your family.

    I'm a new grad and was recently hired into a new grad program at a skilled nursing facility. If you're interested, I'd be happy to give you more information.

    Best of luck!!
  7. by   AugustBoy
    First of all I appreciate you answering my thread. I would appreciate any kind of information you can give me. I have be applying in hospitals, home care, assissted livings, and for all and any shifts and for full and part time jobs. Nothing has come my way yet. Please give me any info you can. May God Bless you.
  8. by   MBA2RN
    Hey, it took me four months and approximately 120 apps to land my first job. So don't feel bad, you're still early in the process.
  9. by   SCWRN
    Can I ask how your experience was with Unival? I am getting started working for them in DC, and so far have not so good feelings about them. I feel like I have put in lots of time doing web-based trainings, making phone calls to set up appointments, and still haven't seen a dime. I am worried about their reimbursement process. They aren't very clear on their pay, and I just learned that they don't pay until you've reached $150. That just doesn't seem right--if I earned $100, I feel I should get that $100 and not have to wait another 2 weeks for my pay to hit $150. Do they have it together over there? Or should I leave now? I was hoping to get some HEDIS experience to supplement my clinical-based resume, but this company seems totally unorganized.