Full Circle, My First Year of Nursing - page 8

January - Newborn ICU Dream Job I was making cold hard cash. I had an awesome preceptor for orientation. I was signing my name with RN behind it, I was giving meds all by myself, I was a nurse,... Read More

  1. by   suecbrn
    Weebaby..thanks for this!! I am going to use it in my transition to practice class and in my preceptor class. It is a wonderful piece and truly represents the journey we all take in our first year! Bravo!! Just think how many people will benefit from your experience!!! Thanks for being bold enough to share!
  2. by   Patty RN
    What a refreshing read! I am just off 7 wks. orientation (med/surg telemetry unit) and I hate all those aweful feelings--no sleep, feeling stressed before going to work, etc. I only work two 12's (7p-7a) and it is very overwhelming. Not many nurses who are compassionate to encourage a new grad on my floor. I still wonder if this was my 'calling' most days. Thanks so much for your encouragement.
  3. by   Patty M
    I graduated in May 2008 and have been in the ED since September after coming off a new grad program. It's nice to see your post, it gave me hope and reassurance that I was not alone. I am told I am doing well, I learn so much every day, but I still get the feelings of panic when I go to work. I have the knowledge, but not the experience most days and it can be frustrating...especially trying to meet the expectations of some of the senior nurses who have been doing this quite a while and have no patience or compassion for what it was like to be new. I too am struggling with night shift hours and don't really like them, my body can't seem to adjust and I feel horrible all the time. I am considering switching to days and will have to learn to forget about the night diff pay, and now my student loans are due as well......I SO could relate to your post! Thank you again, you need to write a new one now that you have completed your second year.....interested to see how much things have changed for you this time.
  4. by   caregiver0204
    I'm sitting here crying like a baby!!! Tomorrow I get the results of my NCLEX. I'm hoping to be able to sign my name with RN after it... I can't wait for this to be me. What an amazing profession - I'm excited to begin the journey of my first year with all the challenges and transformation that it will be sure to bring...
  5. by   memlz233
    this was an amazing post. I am SO glad to hear someone say this. Everyone tells you how rewarding nursing is, but NO one tells you how scary it can be the first year..so thanks.
  6. by   cuppy
    I love your article. It felt like what I would have written in my first year... I agree, new nurses should have to read this. Congratulations on your first year, and the best of luck to you in the many years to come.
  7. by   EM-RN
    Quote from WeeBabyRN
    ... Being a good nurse means that you care about what you are doing, are courageous enough to own your mistakes, and humble enough to ask questions when you don't know something or for help when you need it.
    Right on!
  8. by   otcmedic
    I never had panic attacks until I got into nursing. I saw on the news tonight that 2 ways to alleviate "heart flutter" is to cut out the caffeine and get more sleep. I need the caffeine because I don't get enough sleep! :smilecoffeeIlovecof
  9. by   TiffanyNichole0695
    Thanks for posting this. It gave me a lot of insight, because guess what? Like you, I am also wanting to work in NICU!!! This has really opened my eyes to the challenges and joys of nursing. I was sooo nervous thinking about going into the NICU and working on tiny little babies, but this has really helped me to see that with a little help, courage and strength, that I'll love this position!! Thanks so much!
  10. by   swimincatz
    Amazing post so extremely inspirational!! I can't wait to start nursing school in a few months!!
  11. by   Imafloat
    I came by to reread this, as I am nearing my 2.5 year mark. It amazes me to see how much things have changed, I can feel those emotions I wrote about like they happened to me yesterday. I hope everyone that posted, worried about their first year made it through! Still loving my job, even more than I did back then.
  12. by   neil_dee0418
    this is inspiring thank you for your post...
  13. by   cuteinpinkNS
    I loved your story! Thanks for some inspiration and motivation!