Full Circle, my First Year of Nursing - page 6

January-I was thrilled to have my dream job in a Newborn ICU, I was making cold hard cash. I had an awesome preceptor for orientation. I was signing my name with RN behind it, I was giving meds all by myself, I was a nurse, woo... Read More

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    Great post!!
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    That was wonderful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being so open. As a brand new nurse, (not yet taken NCLEX, but have already started on the floor) your words brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart that I will feel the same in the future
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    Thank you for your wonderfully inspiring article!
    I will be starting out this month and I need all the inspiration I can get.
    Thanks and congrats!
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    Thank you. I will be graduating soon and already sometimes I wonder if I made the right decison to change carrers, especially when you realize how little you know and how all the concepts get jumbled up in your brain.
    Your story was the little bit of inspiration that I needed to keep my spirits up and my determination strong.
    Thanks again.:spin:
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    You've touched my heart!
    Tears scroll down my face as I type. I'm almost graduating, BUT that confidence that I thought I'd have by this time, It's really NOT there yet. Reading this, makes me truly understand that the journey is yet to begin! Thank you for sharing & inspiring. I'm glad you found your safe haven.
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    This article is great. Really gives a peek into what prospective nurses have in store for them. :wink2:
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    I really enjoyed reading all about your experience. I'm graduating in May and have a interview in a few days for the NICU, just like you! It sounds like you've learned soo much and come such a long way. You must be so proud of yourself! After reading about your experience, I decided I want to keep a journal all about my first year in nursing. I believe it will only make me realize how much I have learned and even though there are hard times, helping people during one of the most difficult times of their life makes it all worth it.
    Congrats and good luck with your career!!
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    great article!
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    I love this! I am a new grad of Dec 07, I take boards on tuesday. This was very inspiring!
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    A wonderful article,
    As a newly licensed RN this article lets me belive that the first year will not kill me, wherever i end up starting at. I appriciate your honesty and encouragment it really goes a long way. Thank You!:wink2:
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