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First Jobs for shy/anxious nurses?

  1. 0 I graduated with an ADN and just passed my boards. I currently work as a nursing assistant so I see how the nurses work. I'm very shy, although when it comes to patient care, I'll speak up. However, I am very passive. I was never diagnosed, but I have anxiety. Under pressure, I cannot think straight and panic. I panic working as a nursing assistant when I feel like I can't put in the vitals on time or if I can't get to patient AM care on time. How will I be with 6-7 patients as a nurse? I thought about working at night to start off with, but I know I have to train during the day.

    what are some jobs that are suitable for my personality for new nurses??
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    I know how you feel!!
    Are you set on working in a hospital? Some specialty offices where i live hire RN's. That is where my first lpn job was..taught me a lot about communication and speaking up. I look back now and see how far i've come in not being shy, or in my case, incredibly awkward lol. Good luck!!
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    As a new grad in an oversaturated job market, your first job is often whatever you can find. Often it is nights or a rotating schedule.
    Under pressure, most new people will freeze. With experience, you overcome this and are able to act. As a new grad, being a little shy, unsure and hesitant is normal.
    Do you see shyness, lack of confidence, anxiety and passivity as things that can be managed or overcome?
    I am well familiar with these qualities and work to manage them every shift, and it gets easier.