First day of unit orientation

  1. First day of on unit orientation as a new grad.

    im so nervous. Should I be there earlier than 630? I don't even know where to clock in

    im nervous about my preceptor assigning me my own patient tomorrow. I've heard mixed things on whether or not the first day is shadowing only or not.

    i don't know if I have access to epic yet or Pyxis.

    i don't know when to chart. I don't know a lot of things!

    Im so scared and I'm honestly dreading. I want to be excited but this is so overwhelming
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Take a deep breath! These are all things that shouldn't take long to work out. If your shift starts at 0700, you should be fine to be there at 0630 and not earlier. Check in with the charge nurse- he or she should be able to give you some guidance. As far as documentation, if your facility uses an EMR, you'll likely need to complete training before you'll have access to be able to complete documentation. Your preceptor, manager, and educator will guide you through the process.