Federal Loan Reimbursement Program

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    Has anyone applied to this program and had success with it? I'm curious to hear about your experience. It says up to 60% reimbursement of the loan balance, does this mean if I pay off a big chunk now (during my grace period) I will get reimbursed less if I get approved later?


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    You need to give more info to get better responses. There are many programs. Ie IHS
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    Right, I am asking specifically about httthis one: http://www.hrsa.gov/loanscholarships/repayment/nursing/ but info on any of them would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Are you working in a 'medically underserved' area?
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    I've been told my hospital qualifies since they accept a certain percent of Medicaid patients.
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    Somewhere I saw statistics that only a thousand or so applicants were awarded last year? I've checked out the website and I think the application process is lengthy, too. Not to dissuade you... Hopefully somebody has some more positive news. On the other hand, what have you got to lose by applying? If you are indeed working in an eligible institution, seems like you're part of the way there! I'll be interested in what kind of feedback you get. Good luck!
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    Only 30% of the funding for the NELRP is going to RNs this year. The rest is going to NPs (50%) and nursing faculty (20%). Pretty much, you need a really high HPSA score and a really high debt to income ratio to have a chance

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