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    I graduated in May with ADN; passed NCLEX end of June. I currently live in Wisconsin but desperately want out. In August, I ended up getting a home health job from a staffing agency. I'm sure this position is not getting me the experience I need to move on and move out. So my question is this... Will it benefit me more to get a BSN, or should I save my money/ and use my energy to get a different job that will give me more experience so I can move. What would look more desirable to Florida Hospitals?? I am looking into moving to Oviedo, FL. My ultimate goal is pediatric ICU RN. I feel like I am still a new grad even though I have some RN work experience, but like I said it is not the experience I want. Would I still be considered a new graduate if I go back for my BSN even though I am already an RN?

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    Why won't it give you experience?I once hired an excellent recent grad for a post OP floor who had only 1 year home health (intermittent visits). Home care requires excellent assessment and problem solving skills.
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    I have only one patient. Pediatric little guy needs round the clock care, but in reality I feel like a babysitter. The baby's parents can, but refuse to care for him. (they would rather go out to dinner and the movies and have a free babysitter). I have exhausted all the experience I'm going to get out of this one.
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    Then why don't you orient and pick up cases with more complex care?

    I had obtained a PICU job because of extensive experience with trach/vent kids and skilled visits; like MrChicagoRN said, Home health gives the positives of assessment skills and decision making. Good Luck.
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