Cedars-Sinai 2018 May New Grad Program

  1. Did anyone else apply to this new grad program? I completed the one-way interview and assessments.
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  3. by   Dkdkksksnm
    I have but havent heard anything yet.... when do they decide about face to face interviews?
  4. by   cassiejara
    When did applications open/close for this cohort? Thanks in advance!
  5. by   jentwirl
    I applied, did the 1 way interview, and the assessments. I was emailed saying I would get an update by March 22.
  6. by   Cali0102
    I applied as well and got the same email about the 22nd. Hopefully we find out something soon!
  7. by   CorCordium
    Did everyone have to do the "attitude" portion that was not initially in the first set of assessments? I'm excited to find out soon too!
  8. by   Dkdkksksnm
    Yes. Just took that. Same here! March 22
  9. by   Cali0102
    Does anyone know how many new grads they take and if it is Med-Surg or other floors as well? Thanks!
  10. by   KrissyBe
    They take around 30 new grads. It's various med-surg floors; no ER, L&D, etc.
  11. by   CorCordium
    Has anyone heard from Cedars since submitting the assessments and one-Way interview?
  12. by   Cali0102
    I still haven't heard anything. The email said we should know something by tomorrow! Fingers crossed.