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This is really driving me crazy! I keep dreaming about work ever since I started orientation 5 weeks ago. I don't think I'm getting a restful sleep because of it either. Last night was my first night... Read More

  1. by   Companion2thewind
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    I dream about work all the time. Im glad to know Im not the only crazy one. It went away after about five months, but our unit has been so hectic and stressful lately the nightmares are back. The other night I actually got out of bed when I thought I heard a vent alarm.
    I have terrible sleep habits anyway but now I work 7p - 7a on a not so."well known" med-surg floor. Night before my first shift I was up every hr convinced I was late. The last sequence was too real,haha, cuz my mom called my charge RN begging for mercy to keep my job by offering $1000! LOL still hear IV pumps, call lights and elevator doors. Worst part is my insomnia pre nursing hasn't benefited nights so I rarely get in 4-6 and wouldn't be functioning period w/out my prescribtions and caffeine. I love it most days, cry some and never stop learning all the vets different tricks of the trade. Slowly Im coming up with my own system and as long as I stay on same rotation, I may survive and even enjoy following six months. RN fast track in near future NOT IN South Arkansas!!! It's amazing how much I learned my first week orienting, literally the equivalent of an entire year of Lpn clinical. I try to give report to students and instruct basic nursing if needed. Up until a week ago I was hanging new TUBING & Fluids. My precept happened to catch & as usual instructed right way. I have ZERO qualms asking any & all ? B/c she is a godsend as well as the most kind-hearted, hardest working, knowledgeable
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    This is really driving me crazy! I keep dreaming about work ever since I started orientation 5 weeks ago. I don't think I'm getting a restful sleep because of it either. Last night was my first night shift and after I fell asleep around 1000, I woke up at 1330 with my heart just pounding and I was looking around the room in a frantic state for a couple seconds...I had been dreaming that I forgot to put on a patient's bed alarm and I heard a bone crunching THUMP and someone screaming bloody murder...and THAT'S when I woke up! Scared the crap outta me!
    Just wondering if this happens to most new nurses and how long it takes to get a nice peaceful sleep again without the sandman sprinkling thoughts of work in your head.
    I don't think I have slept for more than 4 hours without waking up thinking I'm hearing IV pumps beeping, alarms, my work phone ringing in my pocket etc for the last 5 weeks.
    I. Am. Exhausted.
    I'm currently a SVN in Texas, and all these stories are scaring me!!! Lol can't wait till its my turn when I graduate.........
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    Can't wait to feel "semi-normal" again! Im nowhere near; only 6 weeks on the floor and just graduated in Dec. My wonderfully fair and subtly brilliant teacher said if I had any desire to keep on RN-BSN track that the night shift on our med-surg floor will be the best experience EVER! At the time I almost laughed in her face. WHAT: me, new grad Lpn on 4TH floor?! Med-Surg @ rural 168 bed facility that's quite known "very unwell", with Lucifer charging(23 yrs same spot &running Ms LucyRN but 45 total).....To top it off my father calls it Kvorkian Central after bad HX. Many in town concur. Most avoid if all possible and drive two hours north....So long story long: I respect her and wish success in my nursing career so I took the grossly underpaid position over an LTC and couldn't be prouder of myself and confirmed of my passion for this profession. I have ultimate respect for ALL nurses especially those whose #yrs on the floor equals my age. You really can't begin to see what/where/why/how/when NURSING is until you're in the thick it, caring for 4-6, sometimes 7 and lord help us all 8-9 patients with NO unit clerks or CNA's. The nursing profession is everything I ever wanted and nothing I ever expected along with endless opportunities. I look forward to a lot of myself dreaming the above stated. Goodnight to all fellow new grads. Challenge yourself and you really may be surprised! Like my mentor tells me, "you can do anything for six months..."and that was over a year ago.
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    I have those every night after working and I'm on my fifth week of orientation.... yeeahhhhh not fun at all. Luckily they aren't following me into my days off.
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    I am 4 months in and I wake up in the middle of the day after sleeping and think that I fell asleep at work...then I start to wonder who is taking care of my patients and i get nervous because I haven't assessed them yet. I think all of this while in my bed in the middle of the day! lol It takes me awhile to realize that I'm not at work. The dreams I have while I'm sleeping...those are pretty bad too. Can't wait for them to stop.