Can a RN work as a nursing aide/assistant - page 2

I recently graduated and passed the NCLEX. I live in Michigan and since there are no jobs here because all of the auto workers who got laid off have their wifes go back to work as nurses and every... Read More

  1. by   spschuster
    My 30 year old sister in law just graduated and passed her NCLEX. She has never worked a full time job in her life, her daddy pays for everything, its disgusting! She now says she is not allowed to work in Michigan as a CNA because she is a RN now. She was working once a month using her CNA before graduating, and recently had it renewed. I remember when I graduated from nursing school, I was offered a full time job which consisted of 20 hours of RN work, and 20 hours of CNA work. Can anyone direct me to anything that states this in black and white?
  2. by   nurseprnRN
    The BoN in your state is the definitive source of information on this and all licensure- and scope of practice-related questions.
  3. by   dawniepoo
    The hospital I work for has the policy that once you pass NCLEX you can no longer work in a tech position. Unfortunately, I will have to quit my tech job as soon as I pass NCLEX in November, and the next GN class doesn't start until February! Kinda stinks if you ask me.