California Market any better with a little experience?

  1. I did the new grad thing and finally got a job way far from the Bay Area to gain my experience after I graduated in May, but I'm looking to move back to CA this summer, closer and at my one-year mark. I'm getting my experience in Acute Care at a major top 10 teaching hospital, I'm hoping to have a little luck somewhere, maybe with Sutter or Kaiser.

    Is the market still pretty garbage for people with < multiple years?
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  3. by   Genista
    It's still tough out here in CA. I am having trouble moving around with over a decade acute care experience (I'm somewhat picky about what I apply to).However, you might get some interest...depends on what you're applying for, etc. I see many med/surg and ER jobs, mostly. It wouldn't hurt for you to apply, right? You'll see more job opportunities in the big cities of course. Good luck! I hope you find a great job.