BLS vs CPR/First Aide?

  1. I am a new grad an I'm starting to apply for jobs when it says to choose your certifications. BLS, CPR are listed? I looked BLS up online and the classes include CPR, AED, and choking... So if I have my CPR, First Aide, and AED do I have my BLS?

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  3. by   Nurseinprocess
    If you have a current CPR certification you are good to go. I started my first job and the hospital put me into their BLS job during orientation to keep me on schedule with other staff for renewing every two years. My card would have expired in two months after hire.
  4. by   Malerie
    Thank you that helps!
  5. by   aam83
    ACLS will give you a competitive edge as well if you plan on getting in at a hospital. Of course you will need CPR too.
  6. by   Double-Helix
    Yes, you do. American Heart Association CPR is the same as BLS. You learn CPR, the heimlic and how to use an AED.
  7. by   tucsonash
    Double check, because from what I remember (I've been taking BLS for four or five years now, so I don't remember exactly) that regular CPR class doesn't teach resuscitation with ambu bags and other equipment only for 'healthcare providers'. My card and cert says specifically 'BLS for healthcare providers' and every hospital I've ever worked for (plus nursing school) has required specifically BLS.
  8. by   TheSquire
    ...Just 'cos it's AHA doesn't mean it's BLS. It needs to say "Healthcare Provider" on the CPR card for it to be AHA's BLS cert.