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New nurse here... started my orientation on a medical floor. (I'm part of a float team so I will be floating to all different floors areas). The first day went alright- my preceptor wasn't bad... I thought she would have shown... Read More

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    As for me I'm the quiet type. I don't like to talk about personal things *keep it work related* and I've had 2 tell my co workers politely that I don't talk about my personal life. I mean that's the first thing people wanna know when your new. *ALL YOUR BIZ* all u need to know is that we have a goal and that's to care for people in the 12 hours we are here.. I know that may sound harsh but it works for me.
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    I'm a quiet RN...but I sure can speak up when I need to.

    I've had no problem with me being quiet, and my manager's been telling me I'm doing a great job.
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    Quote from m.con
    im this way also, i am very quiet at work and shy. Its hard to talk when you know half the nurses around you are gossping about other nurses.
    This is exactly why I am quiet. The loud people are gossiping about other staff members, and as soon as they have any info on you, they will gossiping about you.
    So, I am extremely cautious about what personal information I let out at work, and to whom. I also choose to walk away when there is gossip about my coworkers going on.
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    I'm naturally quiet and many people comment on it. I hear "you're so quiet!" way too often. Like a couple other posters, I had a clinical instructor tell me I need to be more talkative if I want to make it as a nurse after graduating.

    I have many louder, outgoing colleagues that I think are really great at their jobs and I have a lot of respect for them. I don't think that one way is better than the other. I am constantly being asked why I am so quiet as if it is a negative thing. I know another quieter nurse who goes through the same thing. Its just a difference in personality but it does get treated like a flaw.
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    How does a quiet nurse call a code blue??
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    Push the button on the wall.
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    Or pull the cord or whatever the usual method is. Yelling does not help anyway. But I can still start CPR and say "Help, I need help!" without telling the whole world every thought in my head or every personal thing about my family. Sometimes I am downright shocked at the boldness of people. They tell me all about their sex lives and everything else. I guess because I am quiet enough to let them go on and on or maybe because they know I am not a gossip. Truthfully I know a LOT more about most people than I want to know, because I am quiet.
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    In some hospitals the button on the wall only turns on a light over the room door. Doesn't that delay help?
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    I'm also a quiet person. But you can believe that I can be loud when I have to be. My second week on nights, I went to assess a fresh post-op at the far end of the hallway to find him lying on the floor near the bathroom & there was so much blood everywhere, it looked like a murder scene. "I NEED HELP NOW!"

    It was all from pulling out his IV....thank God!
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    I'm pretty quiet until I get to know people better - then they get to see the talkative and silly side of me.

    In general, I like to listen more than I talk though...I learn more this way and hear things others don't!
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