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Hi all!! :nurse: I am a new grad ready to start my new job soon, however had a question for you, the recruiter called me and asked if I wanted all nights or day/night mix shift.... I have... Read More

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    I guess I'm one of the few people to not vote all-nights, but at this point in my career (I've only been off orientation 4 months) I am enjoying rotating -- as long as I have a few days to switch back to days! (days to nights is easier). I work 3 weeks days/3 weeks nights and back. I don't like how nights messes with your body clock because I like to have a "normal" schedule on my days off even when I'm on nights. But I like the atmosphere of working on nights -- it's actually CALM sometimes and you're not running around like a madman for 12 hours every shift. But on day shift you get the experience of interacting with PT/OT/speech/more doctors, are able to do more patient education (sometimes) and get to be awake when the sun is up. Day shift is always crazy though. So for now I'm happy rotating - don't necessarily want to do it for the rest of my career though.
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    Not everyone likes days though. The atmosphere doesn't bother me, but I hate waking up early and going to bed early. I think it varies widely.
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    I may be in the minority here, but I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I am a new grad (just hit my 1 year mark!) rotating between day/nights... 3 weeks days/3 weeks nights. I have to say, that I would rather be rotating than doing all nights. As a person who is a "day" person, and I find that the days shifts keep me sane, and help me to get more done during my days off. I am much more of a zombie when I am on night shift. Also, if I was on all nights I would be "rotating" anyway on my days off. At least with 3 weeks of days, I can be normal. However, I will say that many nurses on my unit have a lot of trouble rotating, and the night shift to day shift transition is quite brutal. Also, to mirror many other responses, I think getting experience on both shifts is a great opportunity because they can both be very different!
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    You can still impress they day time nurses and charge if you work nights. I would say that you probably won't be at your best during your shifts if you aren't sleeping enough. I did that for a couple years working outside of nursing of course and the only perk was working with a lot of different people . Anyway since you have a choice I would pick all nights for now who knows it could change later

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