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Acute Rehab Nursing; Take it, or leave it? New Grad RN

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    So as of a week ago, I passed the NCLEX, and am now an RN with a BSN For the past couple of months, I have been applying to new grad programs, without any luck. This past week, I applied for a full time RN postion at an acute rehabilitation hospital, interviewed, and received an offer for employment! This hospital has a solid reputation, and has locations across the US. My question is, do I accept the position, or decline and continue searching for a med-surg gig for that initial one year experience? I desire to work in critical care or emergency nursing, but have accepted the fact that my dream job isn't going to be my initial job. My main concern is that after a year or two of working this area, nobody will want to take me on in a hospital setting, as I have heard with SNF and LTC positions... Would I be able to count that experience as acute care? Am I setting myself up for a permanent career in rehab nursing? I am in an area that is saturated with new grad nurses, with all of the large hospitals requiring experience before being hired on.
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    Accept the position. Acute Rehab is ACUTE experience. You will be getting med-surg through step-down will see a variety of pts in an acute rehab. I am sure you will see extensive post-OP, neuro, vents, do wound care, blood draws, teaching. If anything, acute rehab does not limit one; it prepares a great foundation in nursing.

    Take the job.
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    Dude, two years of SNF will give you a blessed entry into non-bedside positions like MDS, case management, ADON etc.

    You only think that you want to hone your skills in critical care. Unless you really want CRNA or advanced practice.
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    Thanks for the advice. In addition, there is a current need for correctional nurses around the area, they are associated with a hospital I would care to work for. Would that be a better idea if my sights are set on ED?
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    Take the job. If you want to apply to the corrections position, go ahead, but at least get yourself might just like it!!!

    There are many roads in nursing to get to your destination...even through skilled nursing facilities. That is a myth of not being able to get a job in acute care because of being a SNF nurse...
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    Take it! I also did my first year in an acute rehab hospital. It is tough work and highly respected. You will often take more patients then you would in a regular med-surg setting and this helps so much with your time management skills. Also you see many different types of patients and diagnoses because they are of the few that are not healthy enough to go home at discharge