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A poll for the unemployed Nurse

  1. 3 I am sitting on my couch unemployed and exhausted from applying to over 500 jobs since I graduated in December 2010. I then got to thinking there's such a large number of RNs out there especially unemployed ones that we should be able to get some attention. I would think something as simple as a bunch of nurses contacting their senator/governor with some data could put pressure on them and bump the priority up a notch. I'm sure they are aware of what's happening but in the meanwhile people have no way of paying of their loans... Anyways i wanted to start a poll an actual poll with this focus, but I don't have premium member services. if anyone with premium member service is interested in taking on this project please do. The defining categories 1) current unemployed RNs 2)RN employed 0-6 months s/p graudation 3)RN employed 6-1 yr s/p graduation. then for those interested you can use this resource along with the endless research out there on this matter to write a letter to you governor. just a thought.
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  2. Poll: Newer RNs: how long did it take for you to find employment?

    • I'm still currently unemployed.

      36.36% 16
    • I became employed 0 to 6 months after graduation.

      50.00% 22
    • I became employed 6 months to 1 year after graduation.

      9.09% 4
    • More than 1 year elapsed before I became employed.

      2.27% 1
    • Other (please explain your situation below).

      2.27% 1
    44 Votes
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    I graduated in May 2011, but started applying for internships/jobs in March. It has not been as long as 2010. One thing I noticed during my clinicals is that sooo many of nurses were Philipino who are here with a work visa. Okay, thank you very much for the help, but we don't need it anymore. I'm all for helping someone have a better life, but not to the detriment of US born citizens.

    Frustrated new grad.
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    It's not just new nurses having trouble finding work.
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    I'm actually surprised about that. It seems that everyone wants EXPERIENCE so figured those with some were good as gold.
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    12 years experience - good for nuthin. Honestly.
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    Wow... 12 years experience and nothing?!?! What tip of jobs are u applying for?