3am-3pm- sleep schedule??

  1. Hi! As many of you know, I have landed a job in an ER as a new grad. Today we got our schedules for the first couple weeks of orientation and I have a couple of 3a-3p shifts, most of which are followed by a 7a-7p shift the next day (i.e. go in at 3am Wednesday, get done at 3:30pm, then have to be to work at 7am Thursday)
    Any advice on how to sleep for these shifts? Should I just nap before going in at 3a? How is the pace on the 3a-3p shift?
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  3. by   sharon2012rn
    I dont have anything to comment on. but i want to see the responses you rcv. I start an ER new grad position Feb 10 and I could end up with this same shift
  4. by   Annachu512
    Wow I could not imagine working that shift. I have worked nights before and honestly loved it but I also worked a 7 on, 7 off schedule which I do not see in nursing (I was a pharmacy tech when I worked that shift). That 3:30a-3p would take some getting used to.
  5. by   DreamyEyes
    We have a few nurses who do this schedule at my work, and the majority of them sleep from 8pm-2am, so they get about 6 hours before going in.