1 year and 6 months later......

  1. It has been about 6 months after my first year after licensure and I am about to start my third job. Long story. I graduated December 2011 and passed boards with 91 questions January 2012.
    I got my first job 3 months after passing boards, stayed there for 8 months and had to get outta there!! Bad place .
    My second job I got 6 months after moving to a new state. An outpatient clinic setting, I like it so far. But not for me so I continued to look for a full time permanent position.
    I just recently got my third job and I have yet to start it. It is finally in the specialty I have been wanting and it well was worth the wait.
    My first year hasn't been too bad so far (knock on wood). I have had some things happen and thankfully they were all handled smoothly. My first year was slightly stressful though because of the never ending job search. It was discouraging but I learned a lot during the process.
    Within my first year, I inserted my first IV on both an adult and an infant. And if anyone knows what it is like to get an IV on a chunky baby knows why I am so proud. Both were successes especially being that I only inserted one IV in nursing school. I worked in areas that I would only touch with a ten foot pole. But I have gained great experience and skills from all of those positions.

    Even though my first year has already past, I feel like it has just begun because I am in the area I want to be in. My career has started because now I have direction for my future as a nurse. Let's hope in the next year I still have great things to say .
    It has been a long road but I have been very patient (although I did complain at times-I am human) I am so happy to have finally be here .
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  3. by   TerpGal02
    Hey we're basically in the same boat. I too am a Dec 2011 grad, passed NCLEX in Jan 2012 but it took me 4 mos to land my first job. I stayed there for about 9 months. It was in my desired specialty (psych) but I was in the community and at times I felt more like a social worker than a nurse. I became vastly disillusioned by the agency I was working for and there were a lot of safety issues, so I ended up taking an inpt psych job, which I absolutely love. I'm glad you finally found your niche. I miss my last job sometimes. Mostly the pts. I had a lot of 1:1 with them and got to know them over an entire year, so you do miss those relationships you built. But I still get to see some of em from time to time.
  4. by   avaloncar
    Interesting story. I like that we have a story of how I got to where we are. I miss my last job too, working those babies made me feel happy. But I am happy to move forward.