Tuition question

  1. I'm looking at the info and I feel dumb lol. $305 for an exam, but, how much is the material to study for the exam? Also, for the gen eds that don't have an exam, what is the format like for the courses? Are they self paced?

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  3. by   mdsnurse12
    You would use the Excelsior study guide provided for each exam (free to print off), which has a list of recommended books and articles. You can buy the books from anywhere (Excelsior has their own bookstore), I've always had good luck with used textbooks from Amazon... I've even lucked out and found one of my books through Ebay from the goodwill store for $10! You never know what you'll find unless you look... I've read on here of some RN students who just used the study guide and studygroup101 practice material ( and passed their exams just fine. Personally, I found it easier with the books. Also, I recommend the Excelsior practice exams that are offered with each of their exams (they are $75 each, and worth every penny!). IDK on the gen ed courses offered through excelsior, I haven't taken any of them.

    Good luck!
  4. by   BSNbeDONE
    You can CLEP a lot of the general education requirements for under $100. Barnes and Noble has a coffe area within their store. I would goin select a book, buy yourself a cappuccino and study while you sip. When you're done, put the book back or buy it...your choice. The route that I went was Go there and type in excelsior college and tons of information pops up......BUT, keep in mind that it is NOT Excelsior recommended material nor is it endorsed by Excelsior. That fact might snag your bloomers if you should fail an exam that you believe you should have passed. You cannot debate a score if you didn't use the recommended textbooks.Good luck!!!!