Tips for IV push station?

  1. Any techniques and/ or tips that are working for you?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    To ensure a smooth push, I twisted the barrel back and forth while applying forward pressure rather than just pushing straight down -- allows for more control of the speed.
  4. by   navynursejoy
    They put the dang trash can by you!! Make sure you dont throw the syringe in the garbage can..... I did that during cpne.. thank god i had another chance to do it the next day!! syringe goes in the biohazard bin
  5. by   tnmarie
    syringe should go in sharps, right? Not the biohazard?

    Update: I'm still having trouble with the push. I am confident about all my labs except for it. I've been practicing darn near everything since November so I have everything down to a fine art except the push. I have the technique down and even the station itself down, but I tend to finish the push 5-10 seconds faster than I should. Any advice or tips? I do use the little black lines and I count the seconds between them so you would think I would finish consistently, grrr.

    Only ten days to the CPNE and this station has me quite frustrated! It will definitely be my achilles heel.
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    tnmarie, how are you pushing? Straight in? I used the twist method, where you turn the barrel back and forth. Makes it easier to look like you're pushing consistently if you really need to slow down a little bit.
  7. by   tnmarie
    The method I find that works best for me is more of an IV "pull". I hold the syringe between two fingers by the lip (almost like a cigarette) and I put my thumb on the plunger. I basically use my thumb to stabilize the plunger while I pull the syringe back with the two fingers. I tried the rotating method but I find that my push is "herky-jerky" when I do it that way. Apparently I can't rotate AND push at a steady rate simultaneously (I was told you fail if you pause as it should be a consistent push, which makes sense). I also tried it Sheri Taylor's way but found that my hand would jump or twitch and boom: bolus! My hands aren't the most stable in the world on a good day :-/. It took me at least a month find a technique where I could get a good, steady push. Now I just have to get the timing right...

    I'll just keep practicing and hope it all works out on the big day, I guess. Thanks for all the help!
  8. by   BeachCathyRN
    I used the twist and rock method - like you I really didn't like any method and the twist just didn't work because I have allot of problems with my hands and control. So I kind of rocked the plunger side to side plus a slight twist method - sounds weird I know but came up with it the last week before I went then said a little prayer during CPNE and it worked!!!! Good luck tnmarie you will be in my thoughts and prayers. IM me and I can give you my number if you want to talk - GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   navynursejoy
    the sharps container is the red bin. (biohazard sharps container).. My garbage can was black and on the floor by my foot.. i threw the dang needle in the trash bin.. lol
  10. by   tnmarie
    I actually got the push completely down a few days before. I found it easiest to put my watch on backwards (on the inside of my left wrist), use my left hand to stabilize the syringe, and use my "pull" technique with my right hand. I passed the IVP station on the first try. My plunger got stuck and I couldn't get it to go so I just waited 30 seconds and tried again. I really thought it was going to bolus on me, but I did fine. I was counting the seconds between each black line but found that didn't give me enough time to adjust smoothly; I started using the half mL marks instead and it worked great. I had a much easier time telling where I was and adjusting smoothly if I needed to do so.

    Interestingly enough, none of the students that I spoke with failed their most dreaded station. IVP was mine and I did great but failed the wound station.