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I am curious as to where those who passed the new FCCA format are in the program. Has anyone that has taken the new format actually gotten their RN yet? If so, when did you take the FCCA and how... Read More

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    I studied sooo hard day night i recorded myself studying out loud and played it back on my ride to work or any free time . It consumed my life for a little while but i am an rn now and it is all behind me but all worth it.
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    The trick is, there is a lot of wait time so dont stop start studing for the next step right away. Dont wait for results or dates or permission just jump right on it and the when you get the date or permission you are almost ready.....
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    Quote from natnat122
    Damn, really?
    Yes, really! aaprimetime is the closest I've heard so far, but I've heard of no one who actually has their RN.
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    Yes, here:

    She responded a couple of days ago. I know a few people personally who have completed the new FCCA and are now RNs.
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    Yes i am already an rn , i was the first class the take the computerized fcca last may.
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    That is awesome. I am waiting on my CPNE date and I am hoping I beecome an RN by the end of the year.
    What steps did you take after finishing & passing your CPNE?
    Did you have to wait to be conferred for graduation or had to wait on EC diploma before you sent in your NLCEX-RN application?

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    Quote from LunahRN
    Yes, here:

    I know a few people personally who have completed the new FCCA and are now RNs.
    BIG sigh of relief!!
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