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  1. I an curious if anyone has used Sheri Taylor's RN Bridge program? I've finished up all my prerequisites and have moved on th the nursing modules, Health Safety being the first. I'm currently using another source, all written material, and feel confused and a bit overwhelmed. An acquaintance mentioned Rn Bridge program. It looks more like what I would like but unsure if the videos justify the price.

    I used study group 101 to assist with microbiology and found it helpful but like vango notes better.

    Any info would be helpful and appreciated.

    Thank you

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  3. by   romstead
    Hey I love it.. I have been using then from the start. and passing all my test. The best thing is the once a week webinars with Shari. she is there help and answer all your questions. I would give this a ten out of ten in helping me get my grades..
  4. by   olga60543
    Please don't be confused Sheri Taylor has no Rn Bridge program, she only advertise her own business in helping to pass Cpne test for Excelsior students. I attended her workshop in the summer, and took her vidoes on line, I failed 2 times by using her techniques even the care plan was wrong, and I only realized that when I took online care plan class from Excelsior, so be careful she has created her own webside, and claims that can help students to pass Cpne, but she is not Excelsior student, she is not the teacher, she just smart women who created its own business, and makes money on our expense. Yes, at the beginning she is nice, but when you fail once, or twice she turns her back on you, she would blame you for failure, you would see different side of this women, she would slam you with abusive language that you would never expect from her. She claims that she gives you money back if you fail two times, do not believe, these would never happened, another very dangerous thing she advises you to take stress medications, if you never took them be-careful its very dangerous thing to do and one more thing do not listen to her foolish stories that she knows a lot of teachers from Grady and Southern Regional Hospital, and she knows excactly how to teach and perform labs and gives you hint if you go there you would pass. Her workshop is overcrowded, we had over 25 students, frankly I added more confusion then learning experience. Now I am disputing my money back with credit card company for the workshop, and her videos, which are old and have a lot of mistakes.
  5. by   BeachCathyRN
    I took Sherri's online and in person workshop and yes her in person workshop is crowded and I think I could have done just fine with the online only. I really went into CPNE prepared and that was all thanks to Sherri's videos and Care Plan preparation. I took no longer than 10 min on any of my PCS's in the care plan phase all thanks to Sherri's help with care plans-I had not written a care plan in 30 years!! Also took Excelsior's care plan and documentation workshop and used what I learned with Sherri in both and was told my care plans were great, and my charting excellent. I had no corrections from Excelsior on any of my care plans or documentation.

    I passed CPNE the first time, I did have one PCS repeat-my fault. Also set up my labs at home using her videos and her step by step instructions and passed them all with no repeats, the CA commented you can tell who really prepares correctly you did a great job tonight-great boost for my confidence!! I also printed out the Excelsior CPNE study guide, highlighted and tabbed it and used my weekly calls with Excelsior advisors.

    Good Luck!!
  6. by   olga60543
    Its very suspicious that you comment appeared just after my honest, but negative opinion about Sheri Taylor, all this justification remind me Sheri Tailor itself just in nice version.
  7. by   rnlately
    I Co sign on what Beach says. I only used Sherri's online and also passed the CPNE @ Southern Regional with one PCS repeat all because I got distracted during care. Olga, sorry you didn't have a good experience bit not everyone shares your opinion.
  8. by   BeachCathyRN
    Quote from olga60543
    Its very suspicious that you comment appeared just after my honest, but negative opinion about Sheri Taylor, all this justification remind me Sheri Tailor itself just in nice version.
    Not suspicious at all I just commented on what she ask if Sheri's program is good or not. What you said had to say had nothing to do with it. If you look at my history I have been on here since 2008 and have made comments on several post about Sheri's workshops.

    I am sorry for the problems you have had but my comments were honest. One thing does not work for everyone-I commented on what worked for me.

    As I read her question again it was about the RN Bridge program which I used for a few classes and passed with no problems, but found I would also just use the books Excelsior recommends and passed that way also. Again use what works for you and Good Luck.