Sent in CPNE application !!

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    I just finished the FCCA and sent in my CPNE application for Wisconsin sites, since I live in Wisconsin. I'm hoping to get a date within 4 months. My printer didn't burn out printing the whole CPNE study guide, thank god. I just got it all organized in sections, laminated the blank forms (so I can write on them with a dry erase pen), and set up my lab stations. Now on to study, study, study !! Oh, and figure out my mneumonics & grid. Any advice, tips ?? This site has been a godsend with all the information/experiences shared. Thanks !! (especially Lunah, RN)
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    Thats some good advice about laminating. I need all the help i can get when i reach that point.
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    GOOD JOB on passing the FCCA's!
    Best of luck on the CPNE!!! What site are you wanting to test at?
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    Congrats! I'm testing in about three weeeks *gulp*. Sounds like you are on the right track. The notes attached to this forum helped me a lot with my mnemonics and figuring out grids. I also recommend Sheri Taylor's workshop as well. I joined for her careplans but her lab station vids turned out to be invaluable as well. Good luck!
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    I'm planning on doing Sheri Taylor's workshop online as well, glad to her you liked it, tnmarie !! Makes me feel better about spending more money for studying !!
    @TjMiller: As far as my testing site, I have no preference. I will accept either hospital in Madison, just want to get a date. I work every other weekend,so if the date falls on my weekend, I'm going to have to do some serious begging to switch with another nurse, its not easy switching where I work, hoping the CPNE falls on my weekend off (I have a 50/50 chance, he he).

    CPNE ??: Can we remove our gloves to place the tape on the abd pad/after changing the dressing on the wound?

    Good luck Tnmarie !! I wish you the best, how exciting to be only 3 weeks away !! If you belong to facebook, I joined a group called something like "conquer the beast-CPNE" which is a great way to talk to others getting ready for their CPNE as well, and offer support/advice.
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    Great ideas OP, I applied for the Texas site. I currently live in Nebraska so Texas is the closest with Wisconsin sites being second closest. However I was not sure I wanted to drive into Wisconsin weather during winter. I applied 12/31 so hopefully we will get dates soon!
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    It's too bad they can't have a site in the mid midwest. Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha. That would make me feel better at least!
    Good luck, keep us posted!
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    Thanks for the well-wishes. I am very excited. Hope to post "I passed!" soon.

    And yes, you can remove your gloves to tape the abd pad on the wound station.
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    I was just going to practice taping with gloves on ... ha ha ... thanks for letting me know tnmarie !! I was waiting for my weekly phone call to ask !!

    I just checked my CPNE status and all of my documents are ACCEPTED !!! Yippee !!! Now to wait for a date .... That comes through your Excelsior email is what I've been told, is that right?? OMG starting to second guess everything, getting excited.

    @jsavely5: We should testing around the same time, exciting. Are you working? Im so glad Im only working 4 days a week, instead of 5. I don't think I'll ever go back to 5 days, even when I graduate.
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    Hello fellow CPNE testers! I passed this weekend @ St Marys in Madison on my first attempt We started with 6 and 4 passed. I didn't get too personal with other testers but we did chat a bit. I did not want to focus on anyone or anything except ME and the CPNE! I did take my husband and he was wonderful to have along. I do not like to fail at anything so it was a blow to my ego to fail 1 lab station on the first night and just before my repeat lab on day 2 I failed a PCS. I had to really pull myself and focus together for my lab but I did it. My fellow student that was retaking same lab was not so lucky and this was her second time for CPNE. I can only stress to know your stuff for the PCS! Know your critical elements and how to write out your grid. the "grid" was strange for me at first as well as mnemonics but in the end they saved my butt! The stress is unreal but you can do it!
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