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  1. 0 I was going to only spend a couple of weeks on micro and a few weeks on a&p since I took them before....Did anyone take them through excelsior before and how long did it take....what did u use? I just ordered the sg101 cd's for them and I also have the content guide and book...
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    I used studygroup101 for both as well as a few notes from online friends, and whatever else I could get my hands on since I'm not a science person of any sort. The day that I tested, I still didn't have a clue as to what I had been preparing for but remarkably, I got a B on the anatomy exam and a C on the Micro. I studied for 21 days for anatomy and 24 days for micro. I had always dropped A&P within 2 weeks of the class at a community college and as such, never made it to the micro part until Excelsior. Since you've had them before, you should have a better experience than I did....not that I'm complaining. Good luck!
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    Ok....thanks for responding....