RN-BSN time

  1. Guys,
    Getting ready to take my CPNE and was curious about those of you doing your BSN, how long are you looking at for completion?
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  3. by   frankie,RN
    First of all, good luck on your cpne.
    Second, are you going to do your bsn through excelsior or another school.
  4. by   emttim
    Im looking at Excelsior and Ohio State, both online. Just trying to figure out the fastest route
  5. by   TraumaMama179
    I'm in the same boat. Looking to do RN-BSN online. Best school? Timeline?
  6. by   Nervous1
    I'm going with Liberty University (its all online) and its within an hour drive for me. Very highly respected in my area. Also, its very, very generous with transfer credit. I have taken a ton of straighterline courses and they are now a partner school with Liberty, so that makes my life easier. Excelsior is putting a cap on Straighterline course transfers and that will cause me to take a few extra classes because of that. With Liberty, I'm looking at 16-18 months for completion, but that's taking my time doing it considering the BSN is writing heavy. I think its 8-9 nursing courses for the BSN part. The cost is close to the same amount as EC but I will be able to utilize a few instate grant programs because its a private school.
  7. by   frankie,RN
    Quote from emttim
    Im looking at Excelsior and Ohio State, both online. Just trying to figure out the fastest route
    if you use the search button at the top and put in whichever school you want to look up, also enter either 2011 or 2012 some old threads should come up where people are discussing those schools. sorry i cant help. im in philly at lasalle univ. there are some students at those schools who come on here from time to time and will answer questions. but in the meantime definitely use the blue search button at the top of the page.
  8. by   LVHospiceRN
    Just enrolled in EC BSN. Only need 15 units Gen Ed and will finish that this semester. Than on to the nursing core. Just didn't want to deal with transfering thing anywhere else. Looked at Fort Hayes State it was my second choice really cheap 165 a credit. I looking for anyone else doing EC BSN program.