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    Hi! Quick question about Excelsior, I have done an LPN program, and have gone to Nursing school (got a few nursing courses and all my pre reqs done), how long would I have to get my ADN RN? Anyone know? Thanks :-)
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    That would depend on how many credits you need after EC evaluates your transcripts. You can see the degree requirements on EC's ADN page: Excelsior College | Program Details

    You can also download the School of Nursing catalog from that page -- it has a lot of information about all nursing programs offered by EC. Only EC can truly answer your question, though, with an application and transcript review. Good luck!
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    How does Excelsior work? I have taken all the pre reqs at a university and sciences are within 3 years.... Do I need to test out for any of the pre reqs or not? Heard something about testing out classes at Excelsior? Any info will help! Thanks :-)
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    As explained previously, here are the requirements for the nursing program: Excelsior College | Program Details

    Here is the nursing catalog:

    You can contact the nursing program at Excelsior College to discuss your personal degree requirements based upon your previous coursework. Toll free:

    Ext. 22
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