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  1. 0 Did anybody's 'preliminary' transcripts change once they were 'enrolled' or did it stay the same? They will not give a full transcript review until they have your money!
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    It takes at least 4 weeks to receive your official transcript review. You can always contact a nursing advisor once you are enrolled to check the status.
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    Mine changed. I wasn't too happy about it because initially I didn't have to Micobiology, English or any Humanities ! I did question the Humanities and that was changed (I have another degree with over 79 credits, r/t healthcare). I have taken English Comp through Penn Foster and I did learn a lot more from, that than what I previously took at my community college, so that worked out. The thing that bothers me is that they did have solid reasons not to accept English and Microbiology (kinda), just wish I had known that right away. It was a big disappointment at first but I moved on and should be taking the FCCA in November (lifespan 3 to go).

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