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Hello all! This is obviously my first post ever on allnurses.com and I wanted to start off with a hello! So, like many people who come to this portion of the site, I am seriously looking into excelsior and am very close to... Read More

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    Quote from Aliakey
    I took my renewal NREMT-P exam and the NCLEX-RN three days apart because I apparently like pain, and quite honestly, the NREMT-P seemed more difficult.
    OMG, you are a sadist! Haha! But I have to agree -- NCLEX-RN was easier than NREMT-P, and the CEN exam fell somewhere in between.
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    Hi AngLVN,

    I noticed in your post that you "can't get licensed in Cali." Can you take other classes that Cali approves of to get your license by endorsement? I'm new to this and I was wondering if you knew. I am also a paramedic and considering getting my RN. If you pass the nationally recognized NCLEX why can't you work in Cali?
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    Quote from lcaage
    If you pass the nationally recognized NCLEX why can't you work in Cali?
    Because the Cali board of nursing will always consider the source of your RN (your initial RN education), and they do not recognize EC's program because it does not have clinicals concurrent with theory classes. You will not be licensed in Cali, you cannot endorse in as an EC grad. You would have to repeat your entire RN education at an approved school.
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    I'm a Paramedic(fairly new too), only LS2, LS3 to go before FCCA and CPNE. So I'm into it more than halfway. I would suggest you lurk here often, doing searches for good advice, and avoid the 'doom and gloom' threads.

    Good luck,
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    Time line. I was very motivated and finished my theories in under 4 months. FCCA is 8 weeks. ( Be sure to enroll on their time line due you will have to wait for the next online FCCA class.) CPNE test date is in about 3-4 months. They told me at least 6, but I was very flexible + got lucky!!! Happy with Excelsior so far. All business no games :-)
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    It's doable if you're able to put in the time and effort. I already had my pre-reqs done before I started. It took me a little under 11 months from the time I took my first test to taking the NCLEX yesterday.
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    The only way that you will be able to work in California as an RN is if you work for the VA or a Federal Prison. There is a possibility of endorsing your license after you receive a BSN from an accredited school of nursing. But you have to have worked as an LPN/LVN and have experience working as an RN first. It is a case by case. I got the information from an RN here on this forum who stated that he was able to endorse but had to go through many hoops. Hope this helps.

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