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Possibly starting ADN at Excelsior as a Paramedic - page 2

Hello all! This is obviously my first post ever on allnurses.com and I wanted to start off with a hello! So, like many people who come to this portion of the site, I am seriously looking into... Read More

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    I'm a Paramedic(fairly new too), only LS2, LS3 to go before FCCA and CPNE. So I'm into it more than halfway. I would suggest you lurk here often, doing searches for good advice, and avoid the 'doom and gloom' threads.

    Good luck,
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    Time line. I was very motivated and finished my theories in under 4 months. FCCA is 8 weeks. ( Be sure to enroll on their time line due you will have to wait for the next online FCCA class.) CPNE test date is in about 3-4 months. They told me at least 6, but I was very flexible + got lucky!!! Happy with Excelsior so far. All business no games :-)
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    It's doable if you're able to put in the time and effort. I already had my pre-reqs done before I started. It took me a little under 11 months from the time I took my first test to taking the NCLEX yesterday.
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    The only way that you will be able to work in California as an RN is if you work for the VA or a Federal Prison. There is a possibility of endorsing your license after you receive a BSN from an accredited school of nursing. But you have to have worked as an LPN/LVN and have experience working as an RN first. It is a case by case. I got the information from an RN here on this forum who stated that he was able to endorse but had to go through many hoops. Hope this helps.