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Took Repro today & made my first A on an excelsior exam (I've made 3 Bs & 2 Cs)....can't believe I can finally say that I only have 1 exam left!! Moving on to LS3, any advice?... Read More

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    I basically took the first practice test before doing any studying. While going over the prac tests, i read all of the rationales-even the ones that were not the correct answers bc a lot of time they give you more info about other areas. Anything that was unfamiliar, i looked up as i was going over the test. Then I broke down the questions by subject & scored myself on each section. I focused my reading on my poorest areas. I made a chart of all the meds listed in the content guide with the med, uses, side effects, nursing considerations & antidote if there is one - I memorized the chart. I watched some you tube videos on some of the anomalies for a better understanding. Then I took the second prac test & went over it the same way I went over the first one. I studied for abt 3 weeks, all day 2-4 days/week. Good luck!
    Great tips! I have started LS series and have found charts REALLY help me for this one! I am retaining so much info this way, esp with all the drug and patho information.
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    Thanks for the study advice. Will be using it!