Passed Lifespan 2!!

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,

    Just passed Lifespan 2 with a C!! - That was one tough exam, but very doable. Now onto my last two exams: Lifespan 3 and transitions. This is very doable if anyone has any doubts.
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    How was it? I test Friday and Im so nervous. Not sure what to expect.
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    After reading about all the comments about this exam and how people can't get passed this exam, I went back and really focused on the content guide. I read, and reread the guide and followed the reading in the book. This exam is not one of the exams that you'll pass without reading and understanding the material well.

    Another real asset was the practice exam. Make sure you go over the practice exam and rationales and not just memorize the answers, but understand them.

    Study study study and you'll do well.

    Good luck!
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    I also thought this test was not as bad as I thought. The questions were pretty straight forward and very similar to the practice test. I felt LS3 was the most difficult of all tests. I have repro left then it's on to FCCA. Congrats on passing and really utilize the EC study reference for LS3. I used study group 101 and it was lacking a great but of info for LS3. Plus I felt the questions for LS3 were not at all like the practice test. My opinion. Good luck and keep reviewing. So close to the end!!!

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