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Passed health safety! - page 2

I passed my retake of health safety this morning! I used sg101, recommended textbooks, and practice exams. So happy that one is done, onto chronicity. Any pointers?... Read More

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    Quote from jjphill
    What's the sg101 notes ... Where do I get this info ??? Thanks It's just another resource for your studies. I used them for my A&P and Micro exams. They have lots of practice questions with answers and rationales.
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    jjphill: Get the books they recommed in the content guide. You can get sg101 from ebay...I have the bundle cd it has health and safety, differences, chronicity and repro on it. Then I bought the transitions cd. Now all I have to get is the life span series. It comes with 1, 2, 3 on it for $34.99 and that's about what I paid for the other bundle one too. The cd's come with a ton of notes pictures, pwoerpoints and a LOT of practice tests. You can just print them out. I usually print the notes and practice tests out punch holes in them and then put it in a 3 ring binder.
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    LYNDA: Did you use the book for micro and a&p too or just sg101? Did you get the excelsior practice test? How long did you study for the exams? How did you do? I have to take those and I am studying for micro right now.
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    I use SG101 and the required texts. I had read on allnurses recent editions are fine. I found most of the books on amazon or eBay for DIRT cheap

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    Thanks guy
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    thanks everyone for posting this is so helpful i think HS will be my next task
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    Anybody took transition .. Any tips ???

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