New Jersey Excelsior grads where are you working?

  1. Hello Everybody! I have finished Excelsior, and today I received my New Jersey License number, yay! It only took them 4 months to process lol

    The job search has officially begun. I live in Hudson County, NJ. I was wondering where are the NJ Excelsior grads currently working.

    I would just like to get some tips on places that have a history of hiring Excelsior graduates. Thank you!
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  3. by   Elektra6
    I am working home health for Bayada. I held this job as an LPN so it's not a big deal lol. Good luck in your search!
  4. by   ladybug28
    Thank you for your response I will see what I can find. I am officially starting the search after this weekend.
  5. by   ezhik
    Anyone else from NJ and with Excelsior degree? I am interested too...
  6. by   phengro
    Congratulations! I am from Hudson County, too! Only I have yet to take the CPNE so I could not be of help to you. But you could to me! I am looking for a CPNE workshop close to home. What did you use? Also, did it really take you 4 months to get your license after NCLEX? Can you apply for a job as RN even if they are still in the process of "making" your license provided you have passed the NCLEX already?
  7. by   ladybug28
    Hello Phengro, let me give you some info on my personal Experience. I took my CPNE December 28th at Saint Peters, in Albany. Passed on ym first attempt with no repeats. I did Sheris Workshop in Atlanta. Worth every penny, I studied a total of 2 months for the CPNE. I did not oficially graduate till February because that was my conferral date. I immediately applied for my ATT, fingerprints etc. The fingerprint instructions came about 2 weeks after I filled out my application. That was easy. Early March got my ATT and tested April 2nd. My score was not reported to the board by pearson vue until April 27th. After that the board told me that technically it can take up to 25 buisness days for them to give you a license number. I did not get mine till May 15th. Last week I actually got the license in the mail. So it took a while to get it all done. Now in terms of jobs, I got calls from two companies: one is a part time position at a hospital (I should have an interview scheduled for next week, I might consider taking it because it is a foot on the door) and another one is with a long term care facility, possibly a supervisor role (going for my second interview tomorrow). I do not want to reveal company names until it is all set and done. Most hospitals are looking for RNs with one year of experience, so I am not opposed to working LTC for a year (it won't kill me it is what I used to do anyways) and then move on to the hospital. So far I am happy with how the search is going.
  8. by   phengro
    Thank you very much, ladybug28, for your very detailed reply. I needed the details because I am currently receiving unemployment benefits and it will end soon. I am hoping that I would graduate before my benefits are exhausted but with the timeline you have shared, I don't thinkk it is possible but at least knowing the timeline gives me an idea on how to plan ahead. Thanks, again!
  9. by   ladybug28
    I hope everything is ok, just think that you finally get to become an RN! Now, just another update: got two more interviews set up, so that brings it a total of 4 companies I have/had interviews with. 3 are this week. I am filling out an application at Bayada this week.
    I will keep you posted on what happens
  10. by   ctcpete
    Congrats Ladybug, I'm in Ocean County about to start FCCA in July. Passed LS3 Monday, have a few weeks to de stress hopefully and get my materials ready. Thanks for the info and good luck on the job hunt.
  11. by   phengro
    Wow, that is very encouraging. I can't wait to be an RN. I have been applying for a job for more than a year now and I only had one phone screening which was not even successful
  12. by   ladybug28
    So today I had an interview with Barnabas, part time position for outpatient position that could become a full time position. Got the chance to speak with HR, she provided me with some useful information. She told me that they are in the process of becoming a magnet hospital which means they only hire BSNs, however she told me certain positions are really difficult to fill with BSNs so they will take Associate degree RNs. I had one interview for a unit manager position at a nursing home (not sure if I got it) , another one for a nurse supervisor position (got offered 32 with benefits 34 w/o benefits) , and one for a case manager position at another nursing home at 30-32/hr (if that does not work with her boss, she offered me to go per diem at 35/hr). I am scheduling another interview with a nursing home next week. So far this is what is happening. I hope this can portray a decent picture of what is out there. I will keep you guys posted on what route I decide to take. I have some thinking to do
  13. by   ladybug28
    I am officially employed. Here is how It went finding a job as an Excelsior graduate in New Jersey.
    I got my conferral date in Feb (CPNE back in December). Took boards April 2nd but did not get a NJ license until May 15. A little bit of background about myself. I graduated from LPN school in 2011, worked as a staff nurse and then got promoted to MDS Assistant/Medicare Charge nurse (small manageable nursing home 77 beds). Worked full time in that position until I finished Excelsior and the hubby and I got relocated to NJ in January.

    So after I had my license in my hand - I began the job hunt. First thing, I checked out resumes on indeed. Wanted to see how nurses out there were making their resumes to get an idea, all I found were dreadful resumes. My husband is a hiring manager at a corporate so he said he would make one for me, and then our friend Adam at Ross Recruiting Services could polish it really well (he charges a small fee of 100 bucks, well worth it in my opinion, others charge hundreds). Got my resume back and it looked perfect. On several interviews it was mentioned how well written and good my resume was. So my number one advice: make sure your resume stands out.

    Found every hospital within a drivable distance of my house and started applying to hospital positions. Don't apply to stuff you do not qualify for (tip my HR buddy and my recruiter friend gave me) it really annoys HR when you do. Remember the difference between required and preferred. This is time consuming because it is all electronic.

    I made a list in Excel of every job i applied, what hospital, shift, reference number etc. Nothing worse than an HR person calling and you applied to so many jobs you do not know which one they are calling you about.
    After I was done with the hospitals I moved on to nursing homes. Again made a list of the ones within drivable distance, I verified their medicare ratings which eliminated some of them, also looked at their online reviews, (research this places first, nobody wants to work in a dump) and their websites. Some had emails on their websites to submit resumes, some simply had fax numbers. I got an online fax number which is free for the first 30 days and then 7.99 a month, you upload your cover letter, resume and you can fax it with no problem. I faxed every single nursing home I was interested in (some dont advertise their openings)

    Week 3 though 5 of this process have been interview after interview. I gave people a chance to interview me, remember it is a two way street, learn about who is trying to hire you as well. Overall I got an offer from a hospital -- which ended up too far from home and the pay was not as good as other places. However I did learn that Barnabas wants to become a magnet and eventually hire all BSNs sometimes it is just hard. Got a unit manager offer in Jersey city at 32/hr with benefits, 34 w/o benefits. Another unit manager I did not get but was refered to their assisted living facility for an ADON position. I got an offer for a case manager position for a nursing home at 32/hr, I got offered a staff nurse position at 29/hr at a nursing home.

    Eventually I choose a unit manager position with a big nursing home company that gave me a great impression from the get go, my future bossess were super nice and relaxed, but on top of things. Company was well rated online overall, HR very professional and knowledgable. I get to work 7-3pm Monday though Friday, full benefits, dont work holidays, only have to work a saturday or sunday every 8 weeks (and get a day off during the week). It is a salaried position, they did take into consideration my LPN experience and I got 34/hr (but I am really salaried). I am really excited to start using my RN degree The effort definitely paid off.
  14. by   emv2008
    where did you get the online fax number from?