My first fail and I'm devastated ...

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    I wont be able to to start the FCCA next week because I failed LS3, I think this is the first test I have ever failed in my feels awful! This test was extremely difficult, I studied more for this exam than I did for all the others and I still was stumped on 80% of the questions. I dont feel the practice exams helped at all this time around. How long do I have to wait to re-test? I want this all behind me (after a good study break of course).
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    Wait time is 60 days. However, you might be able to request a waiver. Check with your advisor. I'm so, so sorry about your exam.
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    Might I suggest that you immediately go through the conten guide and highlight what you remember from your exam while it's still fresh. You will see it again!!!
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    Sorry to hear that you failed. What did you use to prepare? Since it was your first attempt I think you have to wait 30-60 days. I failed this exam also but I passed on my second attempt. I used the recommended reading and practice exams on the second attempt. My first attempt I used studygroup101.
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    Awwww, I'm sorry! :-( Contact an advisor if you want to waive the wait time to retest.