Is this site losing steam? Is this site losing steam? | allnurses

Is this site losing steam?

  1. 0 It seems to me that this site is losing steam. When I was taking classes at EC I would come here for advice and tips and there were tons of new posts. Not so much anymore.
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    I feel you,esp during your times n jessicabrading, it was on, every day did log on just to see comments and this motivated me as I almost quit but you guys kept me going.

    Did you do ur CPNE yet?, I think i will go with Lubbock too, its closest to me but then depends with the waiting time will see when the time comes.

    Thank you guys, ur comments encouraged me, that this is doable as long as you put ur best foot forward.

    Best of luck in ur studies
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    I am going to Savannah soon for the CPNE.
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    Good luck n my prayers r with u.
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    The forum? A little. The site? No way! LOL.

    Enjoy Savannah, River Street is a blast! You should celebrate there when you pass.
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    Quote from Peterjoy93
    I am going to Savannah soon for the CPNE.
    Good luck Peterjoy..
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    It's probably because of Facebook, there are many many groups for Excelsior students on their. When I was looking into EC this is where i came, and Lunah was my mentor LOL...I have since graduated with my AAS and am in my last course for BSN. I now come here to look at the ARNP forums for info. Even if people do not post, there are still many of us that stalk this page =)
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    Quote from Peterjoy93
    I am going to Savannah soon for the CPNE.