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    Which two humanities to do

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    ANALYZING & INTERPRETING LITERATURE!!!!!!! One CLEP, 6 credits!!! Not really a way to study for it! Easiest 6 credits ever!!!
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    I would agree with LYNDAA that Analysing and interpreting literature is a great CLEP. I took the "Humanities" CLEP and everything went fine (I passed and they don't give you a letter grade) but I feel Analyzing and Interpreting Lit would have been easier. Below is a cut and paste from last year when I took the Humanities CLEP:

    "I just took the Humanities CLEP last week. I studied using Comex systems "Review for the CLEP General Humanities Examination" that I got off Amazon Marketplace. My particular book came with 1/2 the answers circled which was frustrating, but I made it work. In my opinion, this was not enough. I also paid for a one month trial membership in SpeedyPrep ($10 for 1st month, made sure to cancel before the $25/month kicked in). I also found this helpful, but wouldn't have been enough by itself. I have some pretty reasonable personal background in music theory and history and art history that were invaluable."
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    Thank alot for the info
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    How do you prepare for analyzing and interpeting lit
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    You don't. If you've ever paid attention to any romance episode, you can surely pass this exam. I took this exam about a year ago and I just went off the word of other students. I literally found out about this CLEP 2 days before I took it. Passed with a score of 62...only needed a score of 50. (And I absolutely HATE literature!)
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    Is the basic humanities they required in their curriculum? Where do I go to take Clep?
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    The Humanities CLEP as well as all the other CLEP exams are available at many locations. Check out their website for answers about your closest location. My location happened to be about one mile from my house. I don't know if the latest poster is an Excelsior student so be aware that not all colleges accept CLEP (or only accept certain of their tests).

    I took my CLEP exam at a local university and ironically they administered the test at their testing center, but didn't grant credit for this particular CLEP exam if you attended there.
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    Darn! And I thought I was famous! Took my first EC exam 08/2009; graduated 04/2010. Shooting for their January 2013 BSN capstone! EC student???? You better believe it!
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    Oh Lyndaa, I know you're an Excelsior student!!! I was speaking of the poster with SNA in their username. Best of luck as you traverse through. I just started Capstone and I'm not encouraged so far. 12 weeks of group work!! Counting it down day by day.

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