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help, need advice for LS3 and CPNE prep

  1. 0 I am studying for LS3 with excelsior.
    I have SG101, and the text. any suggestions?

    Also thinking for the future... CPNE
    I am very broke and was thinking of just doing sheri taylor's CPNE online workshop... any thoughts?
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    moved to Excelsior College forum to elicit further response. Are you using the exam content guide also? (You'd be surprised how many don't bother to download the exam content guide and then struggle with the exam)
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    I always went with the content guide and made sure I knew everything on it.

    I studied on my own for cpne and passed fine, but I had been a nurse for many years before i went.

    good luck
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    I appreciate the reply. I do print out the content guide, and im reading the recommended chapters from the med-surg text.
    Ive only been a nurse for under 2 years. I feel rusty regarding my skills.

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    I also only used the cpne study guide, called the 'carjack', as it was very detailed about what they wanted. I used a physical exam book to ensure I was doing things correctly. I had stuff I set up at home for all of the practice stations. You can do it if you study hard enough. good luck!
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    I'm in the same boat as you csasso, I haven't been a LPN that long either. I'm using the med surg book, practice exams, Saunders RN nclex and using the already made flashcards from the flashcardexchange website. I normally use study guide 101 but I've heard lots of people say it lacks info for LS3 therefore I'm not about to waste my time with it.