Getting a little nervous

  1. 0 So I have been studying for the micro exam for quite some time now (two months at least), and I am beginning to get a bit nervous. My test date is set for 4/9/12, I have taken both practice exams and my highest score was "50". I feel like I have a grasp of the information for the most part, but considering my practice score results I am not so sure anymore. My study arsenal consists of study group 101, vangoNotes, microbiology demystified and of course excelsior's study guide. Is there anything else that I should consider that would cement all of this information? As always, thanks for any advice, guys.
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    Oh dear, Micro! I hate to admit it but my practice test scores were 38 & 42 I believe, and I passed with a B. I used Micro Demystified, The College Network Module, Vangonotes (mostly) and the practice exams. Read over the practice exams till you know the answers by heart. I would stick with those and Vango notes....did not use StudyGuide 101 for this one so I can't say how the material correlates, but the others worked for me.
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    Thanks for the advice. I am going to concentrate on the practice exams. I have a little over a week left to brush up.
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    d o v!
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    @tashalpn2006 "d o v"? Did I miss something?

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