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Are there any facebook groups for excelsior students for exams....it would be good to have a group for the test takers like they have for the cpne. They have a group for cpne people but couldn't find one for the regular exams.... Read More

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    Just search on "Excelsior Nursing." Also for the CPNE, search on "Let's Conquer the CPNE Beast Together."

    But please, no more Facebook link posts. It's prohibited by the website Terms of Service (TOS). Thanks.
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    Quote from mochasouter
    That's the one for the cpne nat I created one for the exams....allnurses took the link down...
    The link that Steve posted was just for the group Excelsior Nursing, which is not only for CPNE, but for all things EC-related.
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    Oh. I thought it was just for cpne because there are no posts for anything else but the cpne and the title says it all....i'm just trying to find ppl I can chat with that is going through the same thing I am. It's hard going to school online alone. That group is no help to me because no one is where I am they are all studying for the cpne.
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    Yahoo groups also has a great group for people at various points in the Ec curriculum. It's called the ExcelsiorRNstudygroup. You can actually post files there so I've posted outlines from the recommended reading based on the content guide there. I joined pretty early on in my Ec journey and it has been great (though I guess Yahoo groups is considered pretty old school; that group has been around since 2003!).

    Good luck.
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    Yahoo groups has been around since at least 1999. it's an email message group. I prefer moderated groups as the owners/mods can catch spam, bogus ,& scam messages before they get through to members. There are quite a few Excelsior RN/nursing student groups. Most have message and file archives available to members.

    Check out the group descriptions to find the one best for you. But they are less anonymous unless you create a new email address to join yahoo groups. Worst case if a group is not right for you, you can leave the group without issue. .
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    Hi, everyone. Mochasouter hello, I cant find your group on fb. if u want to send me message on here i will send my name on facebook pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. need all the help i can get with study partners................

    i am not looking for answers for the test.............. just had to say that.....................

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