Excelsior RN's employment outlook

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    Does anyone know about the employment outlook for graduates of this program? Know anyone who has done the excelsior and gotten a job? (or not?)


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    Depends on your area. Of larger concern is often the employment outlook for any new grad. As an EC grad I never had an issue, and I know lots of EC grad RNs who are gainfully employed.
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    I currently work with 3 excelsior grads and my sister who is a charge nurse in dialysis has 4 out of her 9 RNs are excelsior grads and I am a soon to be excelsior grad and my current nurse manager has already told me she wants me to stay with the company and will have a job for me upon graduation.
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    As said, it is more of an ASN RN job availability/ new grad issue than an Excelsior issue (Unless your in a state that has "extra" stuff as an Excelsior grad to become an RN or if your in Cali).

    I got a job as an Excelsior grad where I worked as an ER tech, my friend graduated about 2 years ago (but had issues finding a job due to no experience, not due to Excelsior).

    The biggest leg up a traditional school has is many internships are geared toward traditional schools, along with school/ hospital associations and clinical rotations.
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    Thanks i am an emt basic who will soon finish paramedic school and may go on to RN

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