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Hi there,Long time reader, first time poster. I've been trying to get into studying for micro but having a hard time organizing the info. I bought micro demystified and the studygroup101 notes. I like the book, but I don't care... Read More

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    Hey is anyone currently taking or will soon be taking microbiology through excelsior college? Any tips? Anyone in GA wanna study together if not in GA, via phone maybe? Im desperate. I need to ace this exam!!!! lol

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    Quote from leegarrett
    Im new to this site but have read some of comments about the microbiology exam. I was wondering if the practice exams are pretty close to the real test before I invest the extra 75 dollars for it?
    I can't say for this one specifically, but having just taken the A&P, I would recommend it. It was quite similar to the real test. It really helped focus in my studying material. I was spending way too much time on things that weren't a big part of the test. I got an A on my test and I can honestly say that without the practice tests, there is a chance I would have failed.
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    hi, exnavygirl-RN, would you still happen to have that link? ive been taking notes but find myelf copying entire texts so the outline is taking forever. thanks
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    is there a specific website for the microbiology flash cards anyone can respond with the link? thank you.
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    Have you tried studystack.com?
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    are there any microbiology study guides for free?

    i have tried study stack but it doesn't se to be real user friendly.
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