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  1. 0 Hey all, I am having a hard time studying for the Transition to RN exam. It is not clinical based and Im freaking out. I keep postponing the test a week, and then another and another I was supposed to have done the test tomorrow and I moved it again to next week. I don't want to fail it and have to waist $300 and wait 60 days to retake the test. Can anyone give me any pointers of how to face this test.
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    Hi, did you ever take the test? If so how did it go? Im currently studying to take the test using the study guide 101 and planning to buy the practice test
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    I took it a few months ago. I only got a "C" happy to get that!! It is hard but don't freak out, that's the last thing u need to be doing. Hard to say how to prepare for it. Just do the practice tests and memorize leadership styles. J would have to look at it again to remember what they focuses on. I won't unless u want me to. But j will be happy to if u want : ) I'm doing reproductive health right now. Not my cup of tea but its all good : ) let me know! Good luck to ya!
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    I don't know. I failed it to. It's hard.
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    I got a c in it the first time. I would recommend printing the study guide and memorizing the names and styles they list. A lot of the test was like a history class