Excelsior LPN to RN nursing student LS3 exam

  1. I'mm new at this but im trying to get as much help as possible with my journey to getting my RN degree. Im currently enrolled at excelsior college Im trying to prepare to take the LS 3 exam for the second attempt and im really trying to pass it this time around. the first time i took it i thought i was prepared i read all the materials took notes and did decent on the practice exams. i dont know what went wrong. If any of you have any advice please HELP!!!! im a single mom of a 19 month old so retaking this exam is not an option for me nor the 8 week tutioring they have that cost one hundred something dollars. PLEASE HELP
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to the Excelsior College forum. Do you have the content guide from EC? (You'd be surprised how many people attempt the exams without ever downloading the free content guides and try and wing it using alternative study materials (TCN, Rue, even SG101). All work better if you use the Content Guide as your basis for preparing for the exam.

    Do you have any of the recommended textbooks? What resources are you using to prepare for the exam? I know most find the practice exams very helpful.

    Do you have any test taking anxieties? Did you get as much of a full night's rest before the exam? The LS exams are a lot of information to retain. It's difficult with a 19month old
  4. by   NursePooda
    Im currently studying for LS3 as well. So far I've read the recommended chapters in the med surg books, read the content guide a few times, and now doing practice questions with the saunders nclex cd. I will take the practice exams this weekend. What were you're weak areas? You may also need to focus more on the weak sections. I think you for sure need the content guide and the med surg book. What materials are you using?