excelsior lpn to rn program

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    I have paid for the application fee & sent my transcripts & have got an email back letting me know what credis I have would transfer, but I've been reading all these reviews that are not good about their cpne weekend. Some even posted the silly reasons why they failed now I'm really concerned about moving forward with Excelsior, I would love to hear some of your all thoughts about this.

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    You are supposed to take those 'silly' reasons for not passing as a WHAT NOT TO DO so that you will pass YOUR weekend exam. Students don't fail the CPNE for a silly mistake; they failed becaused they made several silly mistakes during that one weeked. One fail does NOT cost you the entire weekend. Sometimes, students don't tell ALL of what caused them to fail. If you want to succeed in this or any program, you gotta create a force field for the negative stuff. The CPNE is not that big a deal if nerves don't get the best of you which causes you to forget the critical elements that you will learn while preparing for the exam. I told another student, a friend of mine, to stay off the web boards if all she could focus on was the negative comments being made. At the same time, you will miss some valuable information if you can't find a way to separate the two. There are thousands and thousands of LPNs-turned-RNs who did not have a problem with the CPNE. I made a simple mistake involving a carton of milk with my first PCS and failed that scenario. So I revised my game plan, passed everything else on the first attempt, even the repeated scenario and went on to pass that weekend. And I still say the CPNE was a piece of cake....So don't worry! Your experience will not be their experience. It will be what YOU make it. So take a deep breath and smile knowing that you will be an RN sooner than you would at a community college if you so desire. Took me 10 months BECAUSE I so desired. I now wear glasses because of that desire but mission was accomplished! Lol!
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    thanks lyndaa, if u dont me asking where did u go to do your cpne
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    Quote from mstucker
    thanks lyndaa, if u dont me asking where did u go to do your cpne
    I went to Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, Georgia.
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    What state are you in mstucker?
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    I live in Indiana
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    Im trying to decide if I want to do excelsior too. I am in SC so I believe I will go to Georgia for clinicals. My sister got her Rn trough EC and she did it very quickly. She said it was a lot of hardwork but beat having to go to community college and do extra side work on top of the many exams. Do you believe EC helps with the nclex-rn ?I was told it did..since your exams are like it. Im just nervous about the cpne because I tend to get anxiety with people watching me..Since I have joined this website..a lot more people have positive things to say than negative!
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    Can anyone tell me about Excelsior, credit transferring? I have taken A+P 1 and 2 a few times, d/t them "expiring". I have heard at Excelsior, sciences do not expire, is this true? I went to a vocational school for my LPN, in MA. I graduated in 1997, starting around Sept 1998-Sept 2001, I started taking my pre-reqs, planning on going thru a LPN to RN bridge program, then life got in the way. At an actual community colleges. I have taken, completed and had mostly A's a few B+s in English 1 and 2, Gen psych, child psych and abnormal psych, A+P 1 and 2 (then again Anatomy, then Physiology). Humanites-Death and dying, a pharmacology clas. I still need Micro and what ever other pre-reqs they require. Anyway, would they make me take A+P yet again, since I took them so long ago?
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    Yes,, as of October 1, 2012 science classes like micro & A&P must have been completed within the past 5 years.
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    i agree i have heard more positive things on here about EC. i've decided i am going to go ahead & do it bc I cant afford to take off work to go to a traditional school. I'm calling today to pay the enrollment fee.
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